BSc Agriculture Notes and Books for All Semester pdf download

BSc Agriculture Notes and Books for All Semester pdf download: I welcomes you all in our new article. In this article, I am sharing the most important BSC Agriculture books pdf download link for the preparation of competitive exams.

So let us start the topic and read the complete article for downloading this book free of cost. If you are studying in B.SC and looking for downloading , then you are at the right place. Herein you will may easily download BSC Agriculture Entrance Exam books pdf for free of cost.

BSc Agriculture Notes and Books for All Semester pdf download

In this Agriculture Notes study material, you will get important chapters that will help you in boosting your preparation. The competition in Agricuture can easily be beaten with these books. So lets begin downloading these books for free of cost.

Before downloading these books, lets us know few details about the brances of agriculture given below serially.

  • Agronomy: Principles of Agronomy & Meteorology, Water Management, Crop Production I, Crop Production II, Weed Management, Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture, Dryland Farming & Watershed Management
  • Soil Science: Fundamentals of Soil Science, Soil Chemistry and Fertility, Manures Fertilizers Agrochemicals, Biochemistry, Environmental Science
  • Horticulture: Principles of Horticulture and Fruit Science, Olericulture and Floriculture, Spices Plantation Crops Aromatics and Medicinals, PHT of Fruits and Vegetables,
  • Agril Botany: Principles of Genetics, Crop Physiology, Principles of Plant Breeding, Breeding of Field & Horti. Crops, Plant Biotechnology, SeedTechnology, Ecophysiology
  • Pathology: Principles of Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Introduction to plant Pathogen, Field Crops Diseases, Diseases of Horticultural Crops
  • Extension Education: Comprehension & Communication skills, Fundamentals of Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology, Dimensions of Agricultural Extension, Entrepreneurship Development, EXTN Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology
  • Agril Engineering: Computer Application, Soil-Water Conservation Eng, Farm Machinery and Power, Greenhouse and Post Harvest Technology, Renewable Energy Sources
  • Entomology: Insect Morphology Physiology and Taxonomy,Insect Ecology and Applied Entomology,Pest Management,Diagnosis of Pest and Diseases,
  • Agril Economics: Principles of Agril. Economics,Farm Management &Production Economics,Agricultural Finance & Cooperation,Agril. Marketing, Agri-Business Management
  • Statistics: Statistics, Practical Manual, Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Agronomy: BSc Agriculture Books

Soil Science: BSc Agriculture Books

Horticulture: BSc Agriculture Books

Agril Botany Notes

Pathology Notes: BSc Agriculture Books

Extension Education Agriculture Notes

Agril Engineering Agriculture Notes

Entomology: BSc Agriculture Books

Agril Economics Agriculture Notes

Statistics Agriculture Notes

Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

General Agriculture Notes

In this post, we have shared the links of all the below mentioned semesters. You may easily download these books in your smartphone or laptop/desktop and may prepare for your exam at your home.

  • BSc Agriculture Books and Notes for All Semester | Download PDF
  • Bsc Agriculture 1st semester Notes pdf in HINDI
  • Bsc. Agriculture 2nd semester notes in HINDI
  • Bsc. Agriculture 3rd semester notes in HINDI
  • Bsc. Agriculture 4th semester notes in HINDI 
  • Bsc. Agriculture 5th semester notes in HINDI 
  • Bsc. Agriculture 6th semester notes in HINDI
  • R.K. Sharma Agriculture Book PDF

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