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DivyaBhaskar Epaper: Divya Bhaskar Pdf Download: Hello friends, in this post, I am sharing an important detail about the Gujarat E Newspaper official website namely Divyabhaskar and also the link of E divya Bhaskar today newspaper which is published in various districts in Gujarat. So keep reading the whole article till the end.

Divya Bhaskar (literally Charming Sun) is a Gujarati newspaper which is located at Gujarat in India and the owner of DivyaBhaskar is D B Corp Ltd. DivyaBhaskar Gujarati Samachar today news paper is one of the highest and most circulation Gujarati dailies, and the most editions in Gujarat.

Divyabhaskar E paper

You can easily get latest news in Gujarati language with the help of this Gujarati Newspaper.

In the year 2003, the Bhopal based Bhaskar Group also launched the Dainik Bhaskar outside Madhya Pradesh. DainikBhaskar surveyed approx 12,00,000 households and with the team of 1050 surveyors and also with 64 supervisors 16 zonal managers and with 04 divisional managers.

Divya Bhaskar EPaper

The Surveyors of Dainik Bhaskar Paper group gathered in large number through posters at college and worth of mouth publicity, instead of expensive print and Television advertisements. Thereafter approx 40 to 50% of the total surveyors were absorbed later in DainikBhaskar or Divyabhasker and the while the rest were given a certificate of appreciation.

Divya Bhaskar News team was then trained to reach approx 8 lakh households in the Ahmedabad District and 4 lakh of households in the adjoining district at the time span of days. Today epaper of E Bhaskar News paper is available in Gujarati language and it can easily be downloaded from this page.

Divya Bhaskar Today News Paper in Gujarati

Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper was launched with another name on 23 June 2003 at Ahmedabad, under the name E Divya Bhaskar. DivyaBhaskar entered into two more cities i.e in Surat and Vadodara within 15 months.

This divyabhaskar e paper of Gujarat E Newspaper came up with the color pages with reduced price and also with many valuable offers for the customers. Thereafter by the year 2009, Divya Bhaskar News paper has became the largest and most popular circulated Gujarati News paper.

Gujarat Samachar Epaper

Divya Bhaskar is one of the largest daily circulated Newspaper of Gujarat as per the ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations (India) and Divyabhaskar newspaper is published from Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Mehasana, Bhav Nagar (as Saurashtra Samachar and Junagadh (as Sorath Bhaskar).

Divyabhaskar Epaper

Source: Divya Bhaskar

With the help of Divya Bhaskar official website, you can easily download today’s news of Dainik Bhaskar from your smartphone or through laptop. This official website of Divyabhaskar is and in this page you will get all the district enewspaper free of cost.

Gujarati Newspaper Pdf Download

Divya Bhaskar today newspaper in Gujarati or Divya bhaskar epaper can easily be accessed from its official website. I am sharing all the important links of epaperdivyabhaskar or divyabhaskar e paper for your convenience.

Besides Divya Marathi epaper, there are also Gujarati Newspaper Sandesh which can also be downloaded from Sandesh epaper official website.

Divyabhaskar Epaper

Gujarat Top Cities Epaper Download:

Divya Bhaskar epaper Today Ahmedabad

DivyaBhaskar E paper Surat

Badodara Newspaper pdf Download

Divya Bhaskar E paper Rajkot

Divya Bhaskar Epaper Bhuj

Mehsana Newspaper Pdf Download

Anand Newspaper pdf Download

Junagadh Epaper Pdf Download

Vapi Divay Bhaskar Epaper Today

You can easily download Divya Bhaskar Gujarati News paper or you can easily read any of the Newspaper of Gujarat in Gujarati language from the links that is provided above. All the topc cities and districts of Gujarat Epaper pdf can easily be accessed from these links.

Divya Bhaskar pdf Download

You can not only download Divya Bhaskar Gujarati News paper but also download Divya bhaskar Magazine from the links that is given below. Divya Bhaskar Magazine are so famous in Gujarat. We are sharing the links of most famous Magazine that is available on Gujarati Enewspaper website Divyabhaskar.

Divya Bhaskar: Your Gateway to Comprehensive Gujarati News

Introduction: Divya Bhaskar newspaper has emerged as the leading Gujarati newspaper, delivering accurate and timely news to millions of readers across Gujarat. With its extensive coverage, ePaper, and various editions, Divya Bhaskar remains the go-to source for breaking news, sports updates, entertainment buzz, and more. In this article, we will explore the wide range of news categories, the prominence of Divya Bhaskar in different cities, and the digital presence that keeps readers connected to the latest happenings in Gujarat.

Divya Bhaskar: A Trusted Gujarati Newspaper Divya Bhaskar newspaper has gained the trust and loyalty of readers by providing reliable news coverage. Its commitment to unbiased reporting and comprehensive journalism has made it a prominent voice in Gujarat.

Extensive Coverage and ePaper Convenience With Divya Bhaskar, readers gain access to a diverse range of news categories:

  • Gujarat News: Divya Bhaskar newspaper ensures readers are well-informed about the latest happenings in Gujarat. From local events to state-wide developments, it captures the essence of the region.
  • Breaking News: Divya Bhaskar delivers breaking news promptly, ensuring readers stay updated with real-time information that shapes their lives.
  • Sports News: Divya Bhaskar’s sports section covers cricket, football, and other sports events, bringing fans closer to the action.
  • Entertainment News: Stay connected to the world of cinema, celebrities, and cultural events through Divya Bhaskar’s comprehensive entertainment coverage.
  • Business News: Divya Bhaskar covers financial updates, stock market trends, and business insights, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Lifestyle and Health News: Divya Bhaskar provides valuable lifestyle tips, health news, and wellness articles, helping readers lead a balanced life.

Divya Bhaskar Editions Across Gujarat Divya Bhaskar serves readers in various cities, including:

  • Ahmedabad: Stay updated with the pulse of the state’s capital through Divya Bhaskar Ahmedabad edition.
  • Surat: Divya Bhaskar Surat edition brings news from the thriving city, showcasing its economic and cultural vitality.
  • Rajkot: Divya Bhaskar Rajkot edition captures the essence of this vibrant city, highlighting local stories and achievements.
  • Vadodara: Divya Bhaskar Vadodara edition keeps readers informed about the cultural heritage, educational developments, and local events in the city.
  • Bhavnagar: Divya Bhaskar Bhavnagar edition ensures readers in this coastal city stay connected with the latest news and happenings.
  • Jamnagar, Junagadh, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Patan, Anand, Bharuch, Navsari, Valsad, and more.

Digital Presence and User-Friendly App To cater to the digital-savvy generation, Divya Bhaskar offers an ePaper that provides the convenience of accessing news anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the Divya Bhaskar app enables readers to stay updated on the go, with features such as personalized news preferences, notifications, and seamless sharing options.

Engaging Content and Features Divya Bhaskar goes beyond news reporting:

  • Editorials and Opinion: Thought-provoking editorials and opinion pieces stimulate critical thinking and provide diverse perspectives.
  • Feature Articles and Interviews: In-depth feature articles and interviews showcase remarkable individuals, societal issues, and noteworthy achievements.
  • Movie Reviews and Celebrity News: Get the latest updates on movies, reviews, celebrity interviews, and gossip from the world of entertainment.
  • Astrology and Horoscope: Divya Bhaskar provides astrology predictions and horoscopes, catering to readers’ interest in spirituality and future insights.
  • Photo Galleries and Videos: Engaging visual content, including photo galleries and videos, adds depth and a dynamic element to the news experience.

Divya Bhaskar newspaper, with its comprehensive coverage, digital presence, and user-friendly app, remains the top choice for Gujarati news. Its commitment to delivering accurate, unbiased, and engaging content has earned the trust of millions of readers across Gujarat. From breaking news to sports, entertainment, business, and more, Divya Bhaskar ensures readers stay connected to the pulse of Gujarat, making it a true gateway to comprehensive Gujarati news.

Conclusion: If you like Divyabhaskar epaper, the famous Gujarati Newspaper, then do share this post with your friends. You can also leave a comment below in the comment box.

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