Tutorix: The Best Learning App for Math & Science for Class 6 to 12

Tutorix: The Best Learning App for Math & Science for Class 6 to 12. Hello friends, in this post, I am sharing an important information about a website through which you can learn a lot if you are the student of class 6 to 12th. So keep on reading the post till the end.

First of all I let you know that what is Tutorix? The answer for this question that tutorix is an amazing way to learn Maths and Science through high quality visuals for 6th to class 12th and for NEET and IIT/JEE exams preparation.

Tutorix is a part of Tutorials Point whcih is an eLearning company that provides self learning tutorials on its websites through its library and videos. On Tuturialspoint there are millions of students and teachers who regularly visits on this site and learn a lot from tutorials point.

Tutorialspoint started its journey from a single tutorial on a Computer on the subject Science. Thereafter this company gained the popularity in the e-learning platform and now it is one of the top most e-learning website on the Internet.

From Tutorials point website any visitor can learn various topics as given in an easy language. You can learn basic Computer Science Concepts, Programming Languages, Web Designing, Management, Soft Skills, and Life Skills, to Academics, General knowledge etc. from tutorialspoint website.

After the success of its journey in self-learning content, tutorialspoint now have created a subscription based premium product website called Tutorix. Tutorix provides simplified Learning through its high quality visuals in the best personalized way for K-12 students and also for the aspirants of IIT/JEE and NEET exam preparation.

Tutorix Unlimited access

The subscriptions on Tutorix gives you the facility of unlimited access to more than 1000 High Definition videos, text notes, quizzes as well as the mock tests. These all videos and text notes on Maths and Science can easily be studied through Desktop, Mobile or Laptop.

When you are studying the classes on Tutorix, you can easily revise the complete syllabus again and again only after purchasing its subscriptions.

Tutorix Videos and Audios

If you purchase its subscriptions, then can skip the boring textbook reading habit and learn the lessons of Maths and Science of your class through its HD Quality videos that are available on Tutorix. Tutorix gives you the best quality 2D and 3D visuals along with real life examples, live activities with engaging music.

Through visuals of tutorix, you can easily understand the hard concepts of Science and Maths and also can easily start learning those hard concepts which were becoming nightmares for you.

Quiz and Mock Test

Every concept that is available on Tutorix comes with interactive quizzes to help the students in checking their level of understanding about those concept.

After completing a chapter that comprises of number of video lessons, you can attempt its mock tests to check the overall learning about the whole concept and in this way you can easily improve your speed and accuracy about that concept.

After your course will complete, you can easily measure your performance on Tutorix. Tutorix comes with intelligent tools to measure your learning progress and performance.

Progress gives you detail about how much time you have devoted on every subject including Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology where as performance tells you how good you have performed in those subjects.

Custom Notes on Tutorix: You can easily create your own text notes and save those not for studying in future. You can also bookmark the important concepts that you want to revise them again.

If you face any difficulty or you struck at any point and unable to understand those concepts, then you can easily raise your doubt at anytime and the SMEs of Tutorix are ready to help you to ensure everything is crystal clear and you give a great performance in your exams and it does not charges anything extra for this service.

Concluion: In this post, I shared all the important details about Tutorix. Now its your turn, if you liked the post, then do share it with others. You can also leave a comment below in the comment box.

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