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What is WordPress: How to use WordPress

What is WordPress: How to use WordPress: Hello friends, I welcome all of you in this new post about wordpress. If you are planning to create a website and don’t know about wordpress, then this post will help you a lot about wordpress.

In our previous article, we have discussed about web hosting services. If you don’t know about Hosting, then you must read that article and the link for the same is given below:

In this article, we will discuss about wordpress and its uses. If you have heard about wordpress and don’t know the full details about it, then after reading the whole article, you will be able to know what is wordpress? and how does wordpress work for creating a website.

If you have a question in mind that how to create your own website on the Internet, then with the help of this wordpress tutorial, you can easily create your own website within few time.

What is wordpress

What is a wordpress website. WordPress is the simplest and most popular way to create a new website or a blog. On Internet, more than 35% of websites have been powered by WordPress. That means the large number of websites that we search on Internet are powered by wordpress.

WordPress is an open source content management system licenced under POLv2. Any one can use wordpress and modify it free of cost. Even I have also used wordpress for creating my website.

So if you are a beginner and don’t know the programming language and want to create a new website, then wordpress is the best medium for you in creating a brand new website.

Anyone who is having good knowledge of Internet and want to create a website, they can easily create a website with the help of wordpress. There is no need to be a website developer because wordpress is so simple and easy to use.

With the help of wordpress, you can easily create the following types of websites can easily be created in very less time.

  • An eCommerce store
  • Personal Blogs
  • Resumes,
  • A Business website
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership site
  • An educational website etc.

How to use wordpress

In this article, we will only discuss about wordpress and if you have planning to create a website using wordpress, then keep on reading our articles step by step. We will share all the important details from scratch for creating a website and also will disscuss about all the important themes, plugins and other details that are required in creating a brand new website

You can also refer this video about wordpress for better understanding about wordpress. In this video all the important details about wordpress is given for your information and knowledge.

Now all your doubt about wordpress have been cleared and if you have planned for creating a website using wordpress, then in our next article, we will discuss step by step all the information about creating a wordpress.

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