One Surprisingly Effective Way To Pursue B.Tech Followed By MBA 2019

Education Is The Movement From Darkness To Light

Effective Way to pursue B.Tech followed by MBA: An average person spends 16-20 years studying. Now we can all agree that spending few hours in these 20 years is quite a lot of time and we shouldn’t have to waste this time on anything less than a Perfect School, High School & a College which should enlighten us with ample knowledge and be easy on our Bank Account as well.

Have I got your attention yet, so let’s take a deep dive into refining your College prospects?

India is a developing country and the Literacy rate is making new records with the young talented working class being less than 32 years of age. At the heart of the country, Odisha is producing wonderful results in providing Education. Odisha which is also called Orissa is developing very rapidly for a few years in this respect.

It is very systematically planned and it will be effective in connecting and providing access for years to come. Given the literacy rate which is 73 percent in Odisha, so it is no wonder that there are some of the finest B.Tech Colleges in Odisha, like IIT Bhubaneswar, NIT Rourkela, IIIT Bhubaneswar, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology Burla etc. These Institutions offer various disciplines of engineering like Computer Science, Information Science & Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering &  Management, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Medical Electronics, etc.

So What Does B.Tech Stand For

B.Tech Colleges list

Figure 1: B.Tech Colleges in Odisha

B.Tech stands for Bachelor of Technology and it is a 4-year undergraduate level program. B.Tech graduates are so in demand as it is a skill-oriented course and the students will get to study more practically through Labs & Seminars conducted by colleges on daily basis. B.Tech Colleges in Odisha are known for the Quality Education and Curriculum Orientation.

The 4-year course, not only enhances the science and engineering aspect of a student but also enables them to make decisions according to the situation, to face the uncertainty and ambiguity in order to manage risk.

We All Boil At Different Degrees

MBA puts you in the Limelight

Figure 2: MBA puts you in the Limelight

After completing the 4-year B.Tech course, if one is interested in pursuing further studies can specialize in any particular M.Tech Course. Few students open their own company, besides nowadays many talented graduates are working on their own startup’s. It completely depends upon an individual, if he is interested in studying further by pursuing M.Tech, MBA, etc. B.Tech degree alone might not land you in your dream job. For a successful head start in your career pursuing MBA should help.

MBA Courses emphasize a culture of Methodology and Process-based Learning which improves the thought process and reasoning skills in an individual at their disposal. Otherwise, it will be like we are just creating a world with the most advanced tools but a generation which lacks survival skills.

MBA Course

Figure 3: MBA Course

In order to have a successful career, it is necessary to plan for Masters, we have to take into consideration the Quality of the MBA college. Though MBA is the most popular professional degree in the world, it takes weeks for an individual to choose which specialization to join in MBA. MBA is a Master’s degree and there is no turning back from here on, so we have to be very specific and careful about the stream we choose in MBA as it will be the pathway to rest of the career. There is a lot of competition these days among MBA graduates and the best part about MBA Course is that, the well-oriented industrial training. Given the proximity of interests, there are several courses to choose from in, MBA. But it all depends on an individual, which direction he wants to steer.


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